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Negotiations Update

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On Wednesday evening, UTW and the BOE negotiated at AMAC from 6-8PM.  At the end of the session the BOE Team presented us with what they called their final and best offer.  They agreed to meet again to discuss this offer.  A date will be set for the next session and we will inform everyone of that date when it is agreed to.

 The BOE offer is listed below, followed by our proposals given to the BOE last night also.  We have included a sample salary schedule and salary examples based upon the BOE offer.  The BOE is receiving more money this year, about $28.2 million.  About $8.2M of that is already budgeted for costs the BOE says are out of the control of the BOE, such as utilities.  That leaves about $20M for other expenses, such as raises for employees.

Salary Info 


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