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Early Enrollment Drive

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Did you see our email, our Facebook posts, and our Tiktok videos desperately trying to get you to participate in our video challenge?

Why are we pushing so hard for this? Well, one we want to see your creativity on display and all your smiling faces, but more importantly than that is the fact that we need to grow our membership more than ever.

The more things become unstable in our professional lives, the more we need to come together to face each new challenge. We've been around for over twenty years, but if we want to be around for another 20 years, we need to grow our membership and start mobilizing like never before.

So, we look forward to seeing your videos (possibly via tiktok) as the first step in this Early Enrollment Drive, and then we can't wait to see you commit to help even more in the coming weeks by reaching out to non-members that you know (for more info, email Bill at

Well, if you didn't see the videos, here they are. They're not perfect, but they come from the heart. Feel free to make your video in a way that you think best represents how you feel about the need to come together as a union in this unprecedented time.

And last thing.... don't forget to use #leanonUTW and post your videos on our Facebook page!

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