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It Is Time for Everyone to Get Involved!

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By Mark Shultz, E-board member, and COPE Chair

Politics! It is a buzzword that often times brings up uncomfortable feelings and tension inside each of us. However, it is critical, now more than ever, to get involved, vote, and promote candidates that support public education. All levels of government are important especially when it comes to education. Whether you tend to lean red or blue, it is critical to look at candidates that prioritize education.

As we move into election season COPE needs your assistance to help spread the word about pro-education policy candidates. We are looking for action not just words out of politicians’ mouths. In other words, actions speak louder than words and right now we as educators need actions from our
elected officials.

There are numerous ways you can get involved. One way you can help out is to become a part of the interview process for recommending strong pro-education candidates. Interviews will be scheduled for early June. If you are able to help out, please contact the UTW office.

Another way would be helping to spread the word about recommended candidates. While things will look different this year for campaigning due to CoVid 19, you can still spread the word through talking to colleagues or assisting with phone banking this fall.

One of the most important ways that everyone can be involved is through donations. Running a campaign requires funding to be able to spread the word and can be expensive. One way to assist is to donate and you can do that through contributing to KPAC. The monies that KPAC collects are used to help fund pro education candidates, both Republican and Democrat. Please sign up to donate to KPAC today! Here is a link to the website:

In this changing time, it is imperative that pro education candidates are in office fighting for our rights as educators and working to produce policies that benefit society in constructing a strong, positive, and productive future for students and teachers. Please step up and join us in helping candidates that prioritize education because the future is now.

If you are interested in helping especially with interviews this summer please contact Mark Shultz Chair of COPE at Or contact the UTW office at 316-262-5171.

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