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New Staff Orientation

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Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

This year has brought a huge amount of uncertainty and a plethora of changes. When it comes to New Staff Orientation (NSO) that means we had to think differently about how we reached out to new teachers.

In the past, we could always count on having some good conversations with our new teachers while we provided them lunch, but this year new teachers were in their own buildings attending NSO virtually.

We were given 20 minutes during the first day of NSO to address them all simultaneously, via zoom. They'll were given a membership form in the materials given to them by the district, and while we've already signed up several new members, we are hoping that our new online enrollment form will increase those numbers.

We had a group of volunteers emailing and contacting new teachers prior to NSO to increase our chances of reaching our new teachers. Many of them even did porch visits to sign up new members.

This year it will be more important then ever that we all do our part in our own buildings to reach out to these new teachers in our buildings, take them under our wing, and show them that UTW is absolutely vital for them in these unsettling times.

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