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The 259 Voter Challenge!

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We got off to a rocky start because of a global pandemic, but that doesn't change the fact that we still need to get more of our colleagues to REGISTER TO VOTE!

We had grand plans of hot dogs in the park and award ceremonies, but social distancing has stopped that in its tracks.

So, we're keeping this simple.

Reach out to our colleagues in any way you know how to get them registered to vote. We (as in someone in AMAC's data department) will painfully go over the turn-out data in December and find creative ways to reward buildings that made big gains.


For those of you looking for a bigger challenge. For those of you that want to show off your creativity. For those of you that truly want to shout to the world that registering to vote really matters!

We've got an additional challenge for you.

Submit a video where you inspire, engage, or inform our colleagues about the importance (and urgency) of registering to vote.

You can submit your videos at and/or use #259VoterChallenge when you upload your video to social media.

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