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UTW Next Steps

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Dear Colleagues,

It is time for us to come together like never before.

With a 14 day rolling average of 13.1%, workload that is pushing many of us to our breaking points, and an abysmal final offer from the BOE, we must do something. We’ve surveyed you repeatedly this year, and one thing is very clear: teachers have had enough.

The first thing you can do, and the most urgent, is to email, call, and blast on social media to all BOE members that they must call an emergency board meeting as soon as possible to address the rising positivity rate in the county. You can write a long passionate (though professional) plea, but we think your message can really be as simple as this, “Call an Emergency Board Meeting ASAP to confront the current county data in regards to the gating criteria.” (Click here for BOE contact info)

The next action we need you to do is to STOP, DROP, and BREATHE (aka work your contract) to address our unsustainable workload collectively and in earnest.   

What does that mean? Are we asking you to break any rules? No. 

We all know that we go above and beyond every day for our students, and that our hard work keeps everything afloat. Working your contract means prioritizing what you can get done within the bounds of your contract hours, and letting the BOE and administration feel the weight that we carry on our shoulders every day. (Click here for resources and guidance)

We can’t stress enough that we all really need to commit to this to make it truly impactful. To that end, starting tomorrow, you can use this link to anonymously show that you are taking part in this work-your-contract initiative in under 10 seconds.

The third action you can take is to TELL YOUR STORY by emailing us your testimonials so that we can inform the community of what the reality of teaching is during this pandemic. (More info can be found at this link)

Finally, the last action we need you to take, at this time, is to BE INFORMED of the negotiations process. Here is a detailed article on the negotiations process that we published last year. It’s long, but comprehensive.

This has not been a usual year. From the very beginning, the district has been unwilling to budge one inch on our legitimate and reasonable proposals. Once the UTW E-board and Pro-Reps vote on whether to recommend the TA, it will be up to all of us to use our voice.

It’s a risk to stick our necks out like this, but what choice do we have? Do we continue to allow the district to disrespect our profession and our very lives? Or do we truly stand together and push for a safe work environment, a substantial decrease in our insurmountable workload, and a fair compensation package?

Are you with us?

#StopDropBreathe #ScienceSafetyChoice #WorkYourContract

In solidarity,
UTW Staff

P.S. Not a UTW member, but ready to join? Click here to sign up, today!

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