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Top Five Reasons to Join The United Teachers Union

Member Empowerment

Together, we are able to use our voices to improve our working conditions and our educational system. As a UTW member, you can walk confidently knowing that you have over 1800 proud members in your corner. Our organization is 100% member driven which means that you can influence our direction by getting involved at the building, district, state, and national level.

Peer Consultant Program

UTW, in collaboration with Wichita Public Schools, has developed a peer assistance and coaching program. Our Peer Consultant Program provides intensive one-on-one assistance for first year teachers. This program is entering its 13th year of developing distinguished educators who provide successful learning experiences for all students.

Services & Discounts With Affiliates

UTW members have the best of both worlds. Our affiliation with both national organizations, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), allows us to offer the best in benefits and services. This includes many types of insurance, discounts on car rentals, travel, entertainment, cell phones, credit and budget counseling, loan programs and progressive professional development.

Negotiates For Salaries & Benefits

In order to keep the best educators, UTW negotiates with the USD 259 Board of Education for competitive salaries, benefits, and working conditions. UTW, as an advocate for quality public schools, lobbies the Kansas Legislature and the State of Education to ensure strong, pro-public education policies/laws are enacted.

We Keep You Updated

UTW keeps members informed through daily Facebook posts, weekly emails, and several monthly newsletters. Only UTW members receive a copy of the Teachers Employment Agreement (contract). Our national affiliates, AFT and NEA, also keep members informed on current trends in public education as well as challenges and successes of your colleagues across the country through publications and expansive websites.