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Karen Crowson

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I chose to join UTW when I began my first year of teaching, nine years ago.  My dad had been a union member as I was growing up and it was important to him. Being part of the union was one of our family’s values. As an adult, I continue to witness the benefits of collective bargaining for union members in this school district.


When my husband’s job was downsized a number of years ago, we had to look at our finances and make decisions on where to cut back. We talked about every household expense and payroll deduction. We unanimously decided that my continued membership in UTW was more than important. We felt like the privatization of many public institutions was threatening the security of teachers and affecting the quality of our own child’s public school education. Continuing to support the efforts for representation of teachers was imperative.


I remain committed to public education and encourage others to stand up and be counted as union members.

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